About Us

The Treehouse Geelong Mark and Lisa Hamling
Treehouse facilitators Mark and Lisa Hamling

At The Treehouse Geelong we understand the extreme loneliness… frustration… isolation that families can experience when living with Autism

Waiting for a formal assessment and diagnosis, looking for the right programs and school, joining the long waiting lists can be extremely overwhelming and confusing.

We will help with unbiased

  • Advice
  • Encouragement
  • Guidance
  • Support
Approximately one child in 150 is diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder in Geelong, leaving hundreds of local families in need of support.

The Treehouse Geelong is a non-profit group auspiced by Access Your Supports and run by families living with Autism for families living with Autism. With the support of the YMCA Geelong, The Treehouse was established in 2011 by parents wanting to acknowledge and act upon the need for a local ‘whole family’ friendship and support network.

The Treehouse Geelong offers Support Groups, Social Groups, Family Fun Days and much more. We are
volunteers relying on donations, grants and funding to enable us to provide a free service to all families.

Our Aim

Provide opportunities for people to talk to someone who can offer service and guidance from a parent’s perspective. We are not professionals so we do not offer professional advice.
You will be speaking to a parent with a child with Autism so you know that you are talking to
someone who understands what you are experiencing .To utilise the untapped resource of knowledge that you can only get from others who have been where you’re going.


Our Groups:

Clubhouse Kids
A social group for children with Aspergers attending mainstream Primary School.

Pink Musketeers
A social group for girls with Aspergers attending mainstream Primary School.

Jelly Beans
A social group for girls only. Grade 6-9 years with Aspergers attending main stream schooling.

Social Group for Teens with Aspergers attending Mainstream Secondary School.

Young Adults
Social group for 18-30 year olds with Aspergers.

Asperger over 30’s
Women only social/support group.

LEGO Group
For special needs children. Event once a month.

Fathers Social Group
Event once a month.

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