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Access Your Supports

Access Your Supports or (AYS) is a Geelong organisation providing support services to eligible participants of the NDIS.

Director Ralph Menchise, has brought together a team of professional and experienced support co-ordinators who are passionate about positive client outcomes. Not only does Access Your Supports deliver quality support services and empower our clients to achieve their life goals with the services available to them under the NDIS, AYS will also work closely with you to implement a plan that will work for you.

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Geelong Head Lice Service take the stress out of head lice.

Head lice can be a terrible problem for many families; the time and money spent plus school and other social issues can create some serious problems for the families affected. Geelong Head Lice Service treatment and removal services are designed to help. We can educate you and help you prevent the creepy crawlers from ever coming back.

Our salon and mobile services are very family focused. We provide entertainment – for example, DVDs from a wide selection, ipod app games, toys and more.

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We conduct more auctions than any other real estate business in Geelong.

“Hayeswinckle will have its foundation and culture firmly rooted in Geelong. We’re excited about the opportunity to use our success to inject some money back into this community where we all live and work,” said Michelle. “But we won’t stop there. We have an aggressive expansion plan in train. While others claim to be different Hayeswinckle will be proving it, continuing to walk the talk, selling properties at record prices, conducting fast, furious auctions and thinking outside the traditional constraints of the industry. “We’re at the pointy end of the business now,” explained Daniel. “Michelle and I have both triumphed over big challenges in our pasts and we never forget where we came from. We’re not afraid to take risks, but we take nothing for granted. We are living proof that if you’re true to yourself and have belief, you can achieve anything.”

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