Life Animated

Have you heard of the documentary Life Animated?

Based on his father’s book, it tells the story of Owen Suskind, an autistic boy who was non-verbal as a young child but who had a great love of Disney films.  One day his parents came to realise that Owen knew all of the dialogue of the films, and though a paediatrician assured them that this breakthrough was essentially meaningless, they refused to lose hope and instead forged unique ways to find their way into Owen’s world and to engage him enough to let them stay there.

Life Animated


The film follows Owen through his life, utilising both Disney cartoons and exquisitely rendered custom animations.  I watched a special screening of this film organised by The Treehouse Geelong, and there wasn’t a dry eye in that little cinema.  Though you may think that the subject matter makes for a heavy going film experience, it is rather a story about of hope and love, and what can happen if you inject some imagination into your life, and choose to accept your children on their own terms.