Treehouse nominated as Flag/Canoe bearer for the Mountain to Mouth Extreme Arts Walk.

The Treehouse has been recognised as an organisation that has contributed to Geelong in an important and meaningful way by being nominated as Flag/Canoe bearer for the Mountain to Mouth Extreme Arts Walk.

As a Flag bearer each will walk one stage, and flag bearers will represent either the ward in which they live, or the area in which they make their contribution. In longer stages the flag-bearers role may be shared among several ambassadors.

The Canoe Mark and Dave carried is Mountain to Mouth’s lead ephemeral artwork. The canoe’s important task is to carry water from the ancient Rockwell at You Yang’s Big Rock to the mouth of the Barwon River where this precious water is returned to the ocean. Spirit Birds watch and make a special appearance in each of the three ceremonies at the beginning, middle and end of the walk.

Dave (Pink Musketeers) and Mark (Jelly Beans and Treehouse facilitator) represented our amazing organization today. The boys walked from Drysdale Station to Swan Bay (13km)


Mountain To Mouth is being part of a 80km extreme arts journey of discovery. Begins at the You Yangs mountain range,crosses Geelong’s industrial heartland at nightfall and arrives in the city centre to collide with Geelong After Dark ,a night of extreme Arts.

The route is punctuated with edgy artworks commissioned for Mountain to Mouth, bringing people together through shared experiences of extreme arts that celebrate our land.

80km. 12km. 3km.

You choose the distance. You choose the challenge.

50% of all tickets sold fund a planting program of indigenous species along the 80km walk, in partnership with Karingal Foundation.

Mark and Dave said it was fantastic to represent Treehouse on another well organized Geelong event.

Karingal Foundation Mountain to Mouth

Lisa has facilitated Treehouse groups for over 3 years. She is also an ambassador for Barwon Youth and provides candid insights into the joys and challenges of autism.


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